Boscia Luminizing Peel-off Black Mask

I would prefer if my blog focussed on products that I love and recommend – but I think it’s important to also flag up products that I think are in fact bad for your skin…this, unfortunately is one of them.

Boscia is a brand from California focussing on paraben-free, botanical skincare – which sounds good enough right?! They also have some really interesting looking products on their website, like this Konjac Cleansing Sponge with Deep Hydrating Clay and some other really unusual things including this black mask. I was particularly excited to try this mask, partially because it’s been years since I have used a peel-off mask, let alone a black one, but also for its promise of Vitamin C and brightening, clarifying effects…


The application was fairly straight forward – the mask is so thick in consistency that it was actually quite easy to control. After 15-20 mins the mask was already almost dry – when I tried to take a sip of tea, I quickly realised that I could barely move my face at all.

At this stage a mild panic started creeping over me, as I desperately clawed at the mask, trying to lift the outer edges. I managed to get the peel going (with a major sigh of relief), only to confronted with – WOW – a lot of pain. It, quite literally, felt like I was ripping my skin off! By now severe panic had set in, I still needed to take the mask off the rest (80%) of my face.

Now I don’t have a particularly hairy face (some of us have more ‘face fluff’ or ‘down’ than others), but I can testify that the pain was overwhelming – I was practically in tears. I would liken the experience to having duct tape stuck to your face and having to rip it off, yourself.

And it just got worse. Like an idiot I put the mask over some of my eyebrow hairs – never do that, mine are now barely intact.

Overall the experience was terrifying and stress inducing.

Luckily I have a wonderful Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner that I used to get any last bits of the mask off and also to cool and calm my aching face!

I really believe that this kind of product can in no way be good for your skin. I wouldn’t even recommend patch testing it – just stay away. Saying that I have seen some positive reviews –  I imagine it would work best on oily skin – but still not worth the risk.

Boscia Luminizing Peel-off Black Mask is around the £20- £25 mark on places like ebay. Avoid.


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