Brilliant Hand Cream – Alison Claire


This unassuming hand cream has unexpectedly become a firm favourite! I always have loads of hand creams on the go, and even out of the many luxury hand creams I have, I tend to keep reaching for this one the most. I am convinced that in a blind testing everyone would agree it’s the best.
Alison Claire is natural brand, meaning she doesn’t include any possibly harmful ingredients in her products like parabens (a group of preservatives), PEGs. SLSs etc, and I am tending to seek out more and more products like this, especially considering the number of products I consume! NOTE that not everyone agrees these ‘nasty’ ingredients are even all that nasty at all, I have just decided to exclude them when/where I can just in case – I’m not at all fanatical about avoiding them.

Back to the product. The Mango and Coconut Hand Cream is lush. Although I’m not a big fan of fruit smelling products, the fragrance here is subtle and divine! The main ingredients are unsurprisingly mango butter and coconut oil, but it also includes vitamin E, marshmallow, green tea and white willow, and leaves skin feeling plump and fresh.

The reason this cream is so great is that although it provides excellent moisturisation, it immediately sinks in and doesn’t leave a greasy layer, particularly on your palms and finger tips (always so annoying if you work on a computer all day and your keys get greasy, OR when trying to use a pen straight after and your hand keep slipping towards the page, OR when trying to open a water bottle with a tight lid etc). It’s so nourishing that I even find myself slathering it all over my arms, and exposed spring-time ankles, anywhere there is visible skin – I can’t get enough!

There is a full range of products for face, body and hair, which I haven’t tried, but can only imagine are up to similar standards.

I haven’t seen the range for sale anywhere other than on the website, and the 50ml hand cream goes for £7.99, so good value for money compared to other more luxury options. There is also an Orange and Patchouli one which I must try next, enjoy!

For information on Parabens, PEGs and other supposed ‘nasties’, visit Paula’s Choice website and search for the ingredient you want to find out more about – often the media makes them out to be worse than they are – best to read as many articles as you can and decide for yourself 🙂


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