Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – Review

I was a little sceptical about this launch because of the major amount of hype. Every time a product gets so built up, it’s easy for your expectations to get so high it’s impossible for the product to ever impress. Also, people went mental for Benefits last mascara, They’re Real, and to be honest, although I like it, I don’t think it is that amazing! It gives more of a spiky effect to lashes, instead of a full lash effect, and I find that They’re Real leaves black prints on my eyelids. I’m not sure if I suffer alone on this, maybe it’s the shape of my eye sockets? But it doesn’t seem to happen with other mascaras. Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that my expectations weren’t very high for this launch, however I couldn’t resist picking up the March ELLE magazine to get a sample to try.


And what do you know, I am REALLY impressed! This mascara by far gives the most defined lashes I have ever had. Each lash is perfectly separated and coated from root to tip – no clumpy thick lashes. The result isn’t full volume, but instead the most natural-looking beautiful lashes I have ever gotten from any mascara – I must say I was fascinated by how I could see each individual lash, and spent ages staring in the mirror! The claim is that the brush curls each lash with revolutionary ‘hooks’ (just criss-crossing bristles), I can’t vouch for that, I can definitely feel the hooks grabbing my lashes and separating them nicely, but the curling is neither here nor there for me.

Overall, a great mascara for natural-looking, perfectly separated lashes. It lasts really well through the day, and although I experienced a few little black streaks on my lids, there was no crumbling or any flaking at all – safe for contact lens wearers!

You can find it at any Benefit counter, or, £19.50, where they currently have an offer of a free gift of a Stay Flawless Primer deluxe sample, with 2 benefit purchases.


New foundation launches: YSL, Maxfactor & BareMinerals

Here is a quick review of a few of the most anticipated foundation launches this autumn.

YSL Fusion Ink, £30.50, available at Boots and all department stores.

This foundation has been in the headlines recently with 12000 people on a waiting list, NASA technology etc… Regardless of all of that, this foundation is more than adequate to create a buzz on its own, it’s quite simply amazing.


Image courtesy of YSL

Firstly, there are colours to match very pale skin which is always greatly appreciated by people like myself. I’m a BD20, and there is still a BD/BR10 for those lighter. Secondly the texture is light and thin and feels completely weightless on the skin while giving good coverage. Thirdly, although a matte finish, this foundation is not dulling at all, I would say the finish is more satin, and it’s not at all drying. Lastly, although I’m not convinced it stays put for 24 hours, I can definitely say it outlasts any of the other foundations I have tried, remaining fresh throughout a (usually stressful) work day.
Overall a fabulous foundation, my skin felt comfortable and looked natural. For the price, its definitely a great buy.

Maxfactor Skin Luminizer, £11.99 at Boots


Image courtesy of Maxfactor

Maxfactor makes great foundations, with FaceFinity being one of my and many other peoples favourites. The new Skin Luminizer foundation is said to offer medium to full coverage with a more dewy, radiant finish thanks to swirls of light reflecting particles -totally up my street!

My colour is 40 Ivory Beige, the lightest colour, and it’s a really good match. The first time I wore it I applied it with a makeup brush and I was quite unhappy with the result. The foundation is thick and it seemed to stick to my skin in certain (probably drier) parts of my face. I felt like it sat on the skin and gave a rather matte, dull look, not quite what I was expecting…
Since, I have switched to applying with my fingers and have found the result much better, but still nothing close to what I was expecting. The consistency is thick and rich, and I find the finish more matte than luminous and dewy. Overall I was disappointed with this foundation as it doesn’t live up to what it promises.

It’s available at all good Boots & Superdrug stores.

BareMinerals BareSkin Brightening Serum foundation, £26, available at Selfridges


Image courtesy of bareMinerals

I have been using various BareMinerals products for the last 5 years or so and I like the brand, but prefer a liquid foundation. It must be said though that their concealer is the best concealer I have ever used, hands down!
I was very interested to try their new foundation, as it’s their first liquid mineral foundation, and includes added skincare ingredients like vitamin C for brightening – music to my ears as a pigmentation sufferer.

From the first application I was sold. It’s fabulously light, and very concentrated, 2 drops can cover my whole face and the formula contains no water – amazing! The finish is as close to natural skin I have ever seen, dewy and healthy looking. It doesn’t sit on the skin or gather in ceases, and it really does make your skin look brighter. With repeated use it should also start to reverse dark spots and pigmentation, and they have the clinical trials to prove it:


Image courtesy of bareMinerals

*Based on independent U.S clinical study of 94 women
after 8 weeks of use (courtesy of bareMinerals website).
I’m. In. Love.
BareMinerals have also made a special brush for a beautiful buffed-in application (left), available for £24. The idea is that you add a few drops of the foundation into the well and buff into the skin. It’s a nice brush, but at the price I don’t believe it’s worth it, nor is it necessary – I use my fingers and get a beautiful result.
BareMinerals BareSkin Brightening Serum foundation is available from larger Boots, all department stores and online, and I can’t recommend it enough!