Best body polish – DIPTYQUE Smoothing Body Polish

With Christmas on its way, it’s time to keep an eye out for some more luxury products that will make the perfect gift for those who appreciate quality and pampering.

And who doesn’t like a good scrub every now and then? The problem I have with most body scrubs is that they are too thin, in the sense that many are more like shower gels with a few random micro beads or bits of apricot shell. I like a scrub that’s really going to scrub! It needs to be rich and thick, and offer great moisturisation at the same time.


Image Courtesy of Diptyque Paris

Enter the Diptyque body polish – this is on a whole other level of luxury! The glass packaging shows the beautiful speckled product, and the smell is sublime! It’s the most addictive scent ever – I wish it came in a perfume (I actually asked at the store – alas it doesn’t). All I know is that it’s a blend of pink peppercorns, peach and jasmine – it’s heaven!

The scrub itself is rich, scrubs well, leaves skin soft and supple, and leaves you satisfied – nothing like a good scrub!

This will make a fabulous luxury present. I say luxury, because it’s £45, so not cheap, actually outrageously expensive – but presents are meant to be something that the other person isn’t likely to buy for them self – so if you can afford it, this is guaranteed to brighten someone’s day.

You can find it here, Selfridges, John Lewis or Diptyque stores.

NOTE: Before discovering this Diptyque Smoothing Body Polish, my all time favourite has been the L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Scrub, £22, it has 10% Shea butter, and smells amazing – making it also a really great, more purse-friendly gift, or just a treat for yourself!