CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir & other great face sprays


Over the summer I have really gotten into face sprays. I used to find them more drying than hydrating, but have recently found quite a few that I am really enjoying.

This one by Caudalie is one of my absolute favourites, it’s incredibly uplifting and hydrating due to the peppermint oil and mint balm leaf oil – perfect for hot weather. Beware though, this stuff really packs a punch – keep eyes closed when spraying, peppermint = ouch! It contains grape extract (as is typical to the range), orange flower water, rosemary and rose extract – all wonderful for toning, hydrating and strengthening the skin. It can be used at toner stage before moisturiser, to set makeup, or to refresh skin any time of the day – a total boost whenever you need it.

It’s available in 2 sizes 30ml (£11.50) and 100ml (£32) and is available at (and many other online retailers and SpaceNK). Escentual have a great selection of french pharmacy brands, and often have great discounts – so check them out.

Here are some other great facial sprays that I am really enjoying using:

Susanne Kaufmann Harmonising Moisturising Spray – the most hydrating of them all, really soft and fresh and floral – leaves skin dewy and nourished. £30, 75ml at Liberty London.

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water – cooling, soothing and full of minerals. Perfect for any time of day. £3.50 – £7.50 at

La Roche-Posay Serozinc (not shown) – a cooling spray perfect for after an acid tone (with PIXI Glow Tonic, or First Aid Beauty pads – both pictured). This product contains zinc sulphate, great for people with oily or blemish prone skin, but doesn’t dry out my dehydrated skin. £8.50 at 

Caudalie Grape water – great after an acid tone. Perfect fine spray – super refreshing, and excellent value –  £6-£10 at

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist – if you love rose, you will love this! 100ml, £24 at

Happy spritzing! x



CHANEL MOUSSE DOUCEUR Rinse-Off Foaming Mousse Cleanser Balance + Anti-Pollution

Although Chanel is usually out of my beauty budget, I have recently been gifted some Chanel goodies for my birthday. In this post I will take a look at my new Chanel cleanser and compare it to what else is on the market with a similar feel.

Firstly, I must admit my love for all things Chanel.

No. 5 is one of my all time favourite perfumes, with 2 bottles in my collection. I am also a big fan of their makeup, especially their foundations which are really excellent in terms of finish, coverage and natural feel. So as you can imagine, I expect, and want to love this cleanser, but of course as always, I will be completely honest!


The cleanser I have is the CHANEL MOUSSE DOUCEUR Rinse-Off Foaming Mousse Cleanser Balance + Anti-Pollution. This face wash looks so good in my bathroom, I can hardly bring myself to use it!

It comes out in a kind of thick, pearlescent paste, that I wouldn’t really call a mousse, but once you rub between wet hands it turns into a lovely, rich creamy foam that feels amazing on the skin. The smell is really beautiful and floral, and the whole experience is quite a treat – it feels expensive. There are some incredible ingredients and sciencey bits behind all their cleanser formulas which are very unusual and very interesting. The whole range contains Tulip Tree Extract and Bioglucane. The tulip tree uses a special wax to coat its leaves to catch impurities in the air. Both the wax and the impurities then get washed away when it rains. Chanel uses the wax from the tulip tree to replicate this action on the skin and depollute it – very clever! The Bioglucane also helps to restore and maintain the skins ecosystem naturally, by stimulating helpful microflora. MOUSSE DOUCEUR also contains Mallow Extract known for its smoothing, anti-inflammatory effects as well as helping to support moisture levels in the skin.

The verdict: the mousse is an absolute pleasure to use, a really sensorial experience. The part I like the least is rinsing, as my skin gets that ‘squeaky clean’ feel. I must mention that it’s a mild squeaky clean feel and not a completely outrageous one. If you don’t know what I mean by the ‘squeaky clean’ feeling, it’s a difficult feeling to describe, but it’s as if you have just washed your face with soap. This is a feeling that you either love or hate. Since I have naturally dry skin, it isn’t usually a feeling I enjoy. Every now and again I do want to feel this kind of clean, but I associate that feeling with a dry tight feeling, so I generally don’t look for cleansers that give this effect.
That said, even though the mousse is labeled for normal to combination skin types and I am ‘dry’, I must admit that after drying my face, my skin wasn’t particularly tight feeling at all, which was a welcome surprise and relief (as I mentioned before I do desperately want to love this cleanser!).

So overall the whole experience of cleansing is amazing, the rinsing does give a slight squeaky clean feel which is a personal preference issue, but once dry my face didn’t feel tight and uncomfortable. If I was one of those people who like the squeaky clean feeling, this cleanser would have to be up there as the best. For me personally, it gives just the right amount of squeak, although I think it’s best kept for an evening cleanse (in the morning I would rather go for something lighter and fresher like Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser £7.50 for 50ml at, or Clinique Liquid Facial Soap, £16). But it must be said, its a fantastic cleanser, and as expected, I am in love.

CHANEL MOUSSE DOUCEUR costs £30 and is available from most larger Boots,, House of Fraser, Debenhams etc. It is expensive, but it isn’t outrageous considering the luxurious feel and level of efficacy…did I mention it whips off mascara with ease? Just don’t get it in you eyes, it stings!

If £30 is out of your budget, and you are a fan of the squeaky clean feel, there are some other really great cleansers out there that work just as well, with a slightly less luxurious feel and scent, and a slightly more dry, tight feeling afterwards (not a problem if you don’t have dry skin). Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser (£17) is a great alternative, with very similar results – in fact in my opinion, all Clinique cleansers are excellent.

Laneige Multi Cleanser is another cleanser that leaves your face cleaner than clean, and although I love it, I find for my dry skin, it can leave me feeling a little stripped. For those with more oily or combination skin I highly recommend you try this cleanser, it’s from a great Korean brand and is very cost effective! You can buy it on StrawberryNET for £16.50.

On a final note, Chanel have a whole range of cleansers for all skin types. They do have a cleanser specifically for dry skin, CHANEL LAIT CONFORT Creamy Cleansing Milk Comfort + Anti-Pollution – Face And Eyes, but it’s a cream cleanser, and I’m generally not a fan of cream cleansers. That being said I haven’t tried it – I probably will!

Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser

The first product that I (immediately) tested from my recent French Pharmacy haul in Paris, was this amazing cleansing mousse from Caudalie. I have seen it around and have been eyeing it out as its such a beautiful looking product, and I have been dying to try Caudalie products in general.


I’m happy to announce that it performs brilliantly as well looks fabulous in my shower! I was concerned that the mousse may cause my skin to feel a little dry, particularly as it’s not specifically formulated for dry skin (it’s for ‘All skin types’), but it left my face with no tight feeling whatsoever, my skin felt cleansed and supple.

Key ingredients include red grape extract for its antioxidant properties and sage for its purifying effect. The foam itself is a strange consistency compared to normal gel or cream cleaners as it’s very light and airy, but a real pleasure to use.

I bought a pack of 2 for €16.99 from CityPharma (RRP £15 in UK for a single bottle). You can buy Caudalie in the UK on various websites and stores including SpaceNK,  Selfridges (although they don’t currently have this cleanser) and, which have the best range of French Pharmacy I have seen, and they are often on 1/3 off (that offer is currently happening, and is on until the end of June, so hurry!).

Overall, fantastic value for money.