Boscia Luminizing Peel-off Black Mask

I would prefer if my blog focussed on products that I love and recommend – but I think it’s important to also flag up products that I think are in fact bad for your skin…this, unfortunately is one of them.

Boscia is a brand from California focussing on paraben-free, botanical skincare – which sounds good enough right?! They also have some really interesting looking products on their website, like this Konjac Cleansing Sponge with Deep Hydrating Clay and some other really unusual things including this black mask. I was particularly excited to try this mask, partially because it’s been years since I have used a peel-off mask, let alone a black one, but also for its promise of Vitamin C and brightening, clarifying effects…


The application was fairly straight forward – the mask is so thick in consistency that it was actually quite easy to control. After 15-20 mins the mask was already almost dry – when I tried to take a sip of tea, I quickly realised that I could barely move my face at all.

At this stage a mild panic started creeping over me, as I desperately clawed at the mask, trying to lift the outer edges. I managed to get the peel going (with a major sigh of relief), only to confronted with – WOW – a lot of pain. It, quite literally, felt like I was ripping my skin off! By now severe panic had set in, I still needed to take the mask off the rest (80%) of my face.

Now I don’t have a particularly hairy face (some of us have more ‘face fluff’ or ‘down’ than others), but I can testify that the pain was overwhelming – I was practically in tears. I would liken the experience to having duct tape stuck to your face and having to rip it off, yourself.

And it just got worse. Like an idiot I put the mask over some of my eyebrow hairs – never do that, mine are now barely intact.

Overall the experience was terrifying and stress inducing.

Luckily I have a wonderful Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner that I used to get any last bits of the mask off and also to cool and calm my aching face!

I really believe that this kind of product can in no way be good for your skin. I wouldn’t even recommend patch testing it – just stay away. Saying that I have seen some positive reviews –  I imagine it would work best on oily skin – but still not worth the risk.

Boscia Luminizing Peel-off Black Mask is around the £20- £25 mark on places like ebay. Avoid.


INDEED Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask vs. Cel-Derma Ideal Radiance Hydrogel Mask

The latest trend in face masks coming out of Asia is physical masks for once-off use. Luckily for me, my colleague Emily gave me one to try from South Korea, the Cel-Derma Ideal Radiance Hydrogel Mask. INDEED have just released their version, the Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask – below I put them both to the test (so you don’t have to!)

Beware, unflattering photos to follow…


Both masks come in individual packets for once off use. They both recommend applying to clean skin for anywhere from 15-40 minutes.

From an ingredient perspective, the Cel-Derma contains hyaluronic acid (hydration), pearl powder (anti-blemish), adenosine (anti-wrinkle) and many other moisturising and anti-blemish ingredients. The mask that I tried is ‘Season 5’, and judging by their US website they now have a ‘Season 6‘ mask.

The INDEED mask heroes hyaluronic acid, in fact ‘next generation 3D hyaluronic acid’ (not 100% sure how this differs from normal hyaluronic acid). Both masks claim to make your skin smoother, softer and more hydrated, and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles – all of which, I am happy to report, they both do. The Cel-Derma also has a whitening effect, which I assume targets hyper-pigmentation.

The only, although massive, difference I noticed was in the material used for the masks.


The Cel-Derma uses a thicker material, as you can see from the picture below, which keeps the hydrogel formula close to the skin, where it reacts to the skin temperature. It’s all a bit sciencey, but what you will notice is that this mask sits flush and comfortably on the skin, and offers a nice cooling effect. The mask is also broken into two parts, one for the top and bottom parts of the face. This allows the mask to fit snuggly on most face shapes, as you can overlap parts to make it fit. The mask is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t dry out – you can pretty much continue as you would, without being forced to sit still or lie down for the 40 minutes.




The results were amazing. I noticed my skin felt cool, and more hydrated than I have ever felt it. Fine lines and even some of my deeper frown and smile lines appeared reduced. Cel-Derma claims that the increased hydration lasts for up to 48 hours which I definitely experienced. It is a great mask to use just before an important event, because it will have a marked impact on your appearance. I used one this weekend, only 90 mins before a birthday party, and it created the perfect base for my make-up with no strange reaction to my foundation at all.



As you can see from the (hideous) pictures below, the materials are completely different. The INDEED mask was much thinner and had more of wet paper/fabric feel. It comes in one piece, which I didn’t like so much, because as you can see I couldn’t get it to fit properly and spent ages trying to adjust it! Still there were air bubbles in certain areas, and as the time went on, bits of the mask started drying and raising off my skin. To be fair the instructions say to use for 15 minutes, so I was probably overdoing it. I also noticed that there was a little area at the side of my nose which I should have broken for a better fit, but still I maintain that the fit wasn’t great!


To be honest I was quite disappointed with the INDEED mask from a user-friendliness perspective, and I was worried that my skin wasn’t getting all the benefits as the mask wasn’t fitting properly, but in the end after removing the mask, my word did my skin feel AMAZING! There was a drastic difference in how hydrated my skin felt, and a new dewiness and glow.


So although the process wasn’t as easy or pleasant with the INDEED mask, the results were as fabulous as those with the Cel-Derma. Overall I think these masks are the most effective way to boost your skins hydration and health in under an hour, and would definitely recommend both. Look out for the INDEED masks for £19.99 for a pack of 4 at Boots, and the Cel-Derma are available to buy online, your best bet is ebay.

I am sure that soon there will be a lot more of these coming into the market, so keep an eye out!