Disappointing products

It’s inevitable that some products are going to over promise and under-deliver. Reasons for this vary, it could be that they’re suited to a different skin/hair type, marketing hype, personal preferences, priced unduly high, or generally, they just don’t do what they say on the tin. Here are a few that I have come across recently. Please do note though, that these are my own opinions and I am sure that some people will disagree and really enjoy using these products.

This works Perfect Cleavage Firming Lotion, £38 at Boots.com 


This product promised so much and honestly, for me, delivered not even a nicely hydrated décolletage! Unfortunately, in my opinion, most budget body lotions are better. I have been using it for a few months now (I must admit that it does seem to last forever) and my skin feels no more firm, soft or smooth than normal – and as someone who sleeps on their side, the cream has done nothing to reduce ‘sleep creases’ (if you know what I mean). I much prefer using Bio-oil on this area at night as it feels much more nourishing to me, and also helps with any pigmentation or uneven tone. The worst part for me is the price – it’s, quite frankly, outrageous – £38! In its defense the smell is OK, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend. Unfortunately, I must also add, that this is the second this works product that I have tried that has lead to disappointment. The first was their Perfect Skin Defense SPF30 (pictured below) which feels a lot like how I would imagine it feels to put cement on your face (!) – thankfully I believe they have now discontinued it. Phew.


Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, £12 at Selfridges


It pains me to have to admit that I don’t like an Eyeko product, but it’s true. I must also mention that this is the second one of these that I have had, and both have the same problem – so this is not an isolated incident.

Their Skinny Liquid Liners are dry… right from the start.

That’s all I can really say – you can’t have a dry liquid eyeliner. It’s very frustrating, and a huge waste of money. Avoid.

NOTE: I really like a lot of other Eyeko products though, and they should pop up in some posts soon.

Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Volume Thickening Leave-in Conditioner, £5.40, here


Again not much to say here except that I don’t recommend that you buy this product. It was neither conditioning nor thickening, nor did I see any amount of volume. To top it off, the fragrance wasn’t great so I was left with tangled, flat, strange smelling hair.

I have noticed that they have changed the packaging, hopefully they have changed the formulation too!

Piz Buin Self Tanning 360 Multi-Positon Mist Spray For Legs, £7.73 Amazon


I was particularly excited about this product, as it’s for fair skins and promises a very light natural tan. In reality, although the product is easy to apply and spread around, the ‘self tan smell’ is particularly strong and had no colour pay-off what so ever. Instead I would recommend trying He Shi Express Liquid Tan, £20, as the colour is gorgeous, application is simple, has minimal smell and your tan lasts for days. There is actually a great Christmas gift available now where you can get the Express Liquid Tan and the tanning mitt in a cute silver bag for £18! Get it quick HERE.


L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo/Conditioner/Mask

I was jumping out of my skin with excitement to try this product when I heard it was coming out – I literally bought it the first day it hit the shelves. I have always had fine, limp hair that I have found endlessly frustrating. Curls fall out, product just adds weight and brushing is a nightmare.

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology

Image courtesy of L’Oreal

I bought myself the shampoo, conditioner and mask (I must admit that I haven’t used the other 2 products in the image above). All their products contain a revolutionary new ingredient Filloxane. Filloxane is meant to penetrate the hair fiber while it’s wet, and then expand on drying – so when the hair dries, the Filloxane dries inside the hair shaft and expands. The result is thicker hair.

Unfortunately, although the process seems logical, it really didn’t work for me. I used the shampoo, conditioner and mask for over 4 months, with little to no difference. It must be said it’s not a bad shampoo, it smells nice and my hair felt healthy, but just not thicker.

I have read many good reviews on this range, so maybe my fine hair is just beyond help – this was just my experience.

I have now moved onto the French brand Klorane and their Flax Fibre range for fine hair, which is unfortunately not available in the UK (most of their haircare products are available here on escentual.com, although this specific one doesn’t seem to be), but you can buy it from Farmaline for €8.23. So far I am enjoying this range more – I will post about it after a bit more use.

L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology range is available from Boots with prices starting from £2.99, although based on my experience, I wouldn’t recommend it.